Poetry Emotion


If I had wings, I’d fly away
to seize the sky and claim the day.
I’d climb above the gloomy gray,
and claw the clouds until they fray.

If I had wings, I’d fly away
just like a hawk in search of prey.
I’d hunt my fears and woes to slay,
then shred them all, they’ve had their say.

If I had wings, I’d fly away
and light the stars along the way.
I’d skim the waves to feel the spray
and bathe in moonlight on the bay.

If I had wings, I’d fly away
and cast away my cares to play.
I’d lead my heart and soul astray;
if I had wings, I’d fly today.

© David Fryer     Fryer's flyers.jpg(Fryer’s Flyers)


A Fish Wish

I wish
I was
a fish.
A flying fish,
with sequined breast
upon a charging white-horse crest.
Then with my wings
I’d surf the breeze
and soar above the wildest seas.

© David Fryer (Fryer’s Flyers)


Your Heart of Stone

If I could move your heart of stone
I’d pick it up and take it home.

I’d dust it down with tender care
and feed it love to mend the tear.

I’d hone your stone to seal the scars
and buff the scuffs to shine like stars.

I’d tune the chords until it sings
then fit a pair of angel’s wings.

I’d set it free, just like a dove
and hope you would return my love.

© David Fryer (Fryer’s flyers)


While the greedy cuckoo cries for more,
the lofty eagle strives to soar.

© David Fryer (Fryer’s flyers)


To fly or not to fly?
What question is that?
For it is nobler to hang on the winds that howl,
than hang around the bins with fowl…..

© David Fryer (Fryer’s Flyers)



My favorite fish are soles.
They hang around the bottom;
They swim in shoals and bury their souls,
but they’re better with chips if you’ve got-em…..

© David Fryer


(Unidentified Floating Object)

I sensed its smell and looked around,
then saw the thing so rarely found –
a product of some secret potion,
bereft of life, yet full of motion.

Not firm nor soft, not square nor round,
it moved without the slightest sound.
I watched it weave a zigzag path
beneath the white cliffs of my bath.

But then it turned to head my way,
just how it tacked is hard to say.
It looked as though a decoy duck
would block its path, but no such luck.

I lay so low in prostrate pose
as if bewitched until my nose
began to twitch when it could smell
the hint of oil upon its shell.

It brushed my arm in search of grime
and left a trail of pale-green slime.
I felt so trapped in my small sea, 
was this a dream…how could this be?

Then it dived beneath a boat
to join the fleet that wouldn’t float.
It plunged so fast as if in fright,
this lifeless lump was full of flight.

It double-flipped before my eyes
and triple-twirled to my surprise.
Then it was gone…… it disappeared;
my soap went down the plughole I feared!

© David Fryer



Haiku No-1

Tea leaves in a cup
The future is looking good
Our past is in the bag

© David Fryer


Haiku No-2

Origami gulls
Fish and chips in newspaper
Bad news to digest

© David Fryer


I spy with my middle eye,
but I fly through the sky in my dreams.
© David Fryer



Oh slimy red worm
how you make me squirm
in your underground berm.

Yet how can I spurn
this humble earthworm
whose life is short-term?

My soil it will turn
for the crops I yearn
and the cash I will earn.

Oh, dear little worm…

© David Fryer



Cigarettes, women, dope and booze,
I just don’t know which one to choose.
Maybe I shouldn’t choose at all,
but take the lot and have a ball!

© David Fryer



Jack and Jill went up the hill
to fetch a pale of water.
Jill fell down and lost her gown
so now they have a daughter.

© David Fryer



It wasn’t the doggie
that killed poor moggie,
but a boot from the coot next door!

© David Fryer


If toucan tango
then youcan can fly.

© David Fryer


                                    Pigs in Space

Hungry chickens parade past my table

like clucking clockwork toys in a play pen.           .

Streaky rashers sizzle in battered pans

and smoke drifts over the heads of hungry diners.

Who said pigs can’t fly…….?

© David Fryer (Fryer’s flyers)



Fryer's flyers.jpg